EV Hackers Are Now A Thing – Customer Data At Risk

By | August 17, 2022
EV Charging Station hack

Connected Vehicles Malware

From Nocamels

In Brief

  • In Ukraine, EV charging stations between Moscow and St Petersburg “hacked”
  • Pod Point in UK may have put 140,000 app users data at risk
  • Hacking the station can mean access to the grid
  • It can also mean access to your car
  • Currently 2 million charging stations worldwide


“The first risk is denial of service, which means you cannot charge your car,” says Yoav Levy, CEO of Upstream Security, a startup based in Herzliya, Israel, which already secures connected vehicles from cyber attacks and is now providing software protection to keep EV charging stations safe.

“The second risk is that your EV is talking to the charging station exchanging messages on how much charging time and how much battery is left. That could be an entry point, actually to hack into the vehicle.

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