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EV Charging Stations 

We cover all types of ev charging stations services, including restaurants, grocery, c-stores, digital signage, thin clients, smart city, and more. One of our “driving concerns” is accessibility regulations regarding EV charging infrastructure. We have 30+ years in technology, have no advertisers and our only mission is to inform and educate. Everybody else is welcome to get rich (or get poor) via the EV industry.  

We first encountered EVs during the routine monitoring of SLED opportunities. (State local & education fyi*). Below is 3 years for simply “EV”. Add in electric vehicles or charging and you can triple it.  It’s always more fun to see someone actually buy something rather than just talk about it.  EV is a lot like telehealth for that matter (we do that too).

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EV Regulatory Update

Deadline May 1st for comments — ANSI Draft Roadmap of Standards and Codes for Electric Vehicles at Scale Released for Comment

Last summer the Access Board published a technical assistance document (TAD) on EVSE. That resource is a compilation of the current ADA Accessibility Standards applicable to EVSE. That TAD is posted here:

The draft roadmap and related materials may be downloaded as follows:

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