7-Eleven Launches EV Charging Network

By | March 20, 2023
7-Eleven EV Charging News

7-Eleven EV Charging Program Launched

Noted on ConvenienceStores News March 2023

In Brief Summary

  • Florida, Texas, Colorado and California
  • US first and then Canada
  • Uses the word “Proprietary”
  • Unclear if network will only go into company-owned stores and not franchises (majority of stores)


According to the retailer, the 7Charge network will offer EV drivers 7‑Eleven’s trademark convenience and accessibility. 7Charge sites allow customers to charge any EV make and model compatible with common CHAdeMO or Combined Charging System plug types, and the 7Charge app offers a new level of convenience and coordination to customers looking for a seamless charging and payment experience.

From 7-Eleven Website

“For over 95 years, 7‑Eleven has innovated to meet our customers’ needs – delivering convenience where, when and how they want it,” said Joe DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer at 7‑Eleven. “Now, we are innovating once again to meet our customers’ where they are by expanding our business to provide EV drivers convenience of the future…today.”

The 7Charge network will deliver on the growing consumer need for EV charging infrastructure. By expanding the 7Charge network, while continuing to utilize third-party fast-charging network options, 7‑Eleven will have the ability to grow its network to match consumer demand and make EV charging available to neighborhoods that have, until now, lacked access.

Once the network’s expansion is complete, 7‑Eleven will have one of the largest and most compatible fast-charging networks of any retailer in North America serving communities and customers at charging stations across its entire family of brands including Speedway® and Stripes® stores.

*Provided a driver has a CCS or CHAdeMO adapter.

Resources  (from DuckDuckGo)

  • ArsTechnica shows locations of the units
    • 7-Eleven says its proprietary network will “offer new levels of convenience and coordination to customers looking for a seamless charging and payment experience.” That may mean it will include “plug and charge,” the ISO 15118 protocol that handles billing after the car handshakes with the charger, but plug and charge is far from universally implemented in new EVs. After playing with the app for a few minutes, it appears you can also pay by scanning a QR code on the charger.
  • From BGR — 7-Eleven is just one of many brands starting to build out charging networks in the United States. Mercedes-Benz and ChargePoint recently announced a partnership to build thousands of EV fast chargers across North America and Tesla just started to roll out its Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs in the country.

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