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EV Charging RFPs

EV Charging RFPs We track the latest EV charging RFPs. Here is summary image from March 2024] More Information and Current “Active” Bids for EV Charging RFPs Charge Ready NY 2.0 Equipment and Network Qualification Process NEW YORK NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENTS Post-RFP Charge Ready NY 2.0 Program NEW YORK NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENTS Post-RFP Charge Ready NY… Read More »

EV Charging Kiosks Station News

EV Charging Kiosks Station News Also for the latest RFP information be sure and join our EV Charging kiosks group on LinkedIn. Usually every other week 20 or 30 noted in the space. The Industry Group 4 days ago 3 EV Charging Stocks You’ll Regret Not Buying Soon: November 2023 – InvestorPlace Despite all of the business… Read More »

EV News This Month

EV CHARGING STATIONS & SELF-SERVICE KIOSKS by The Industry Group Invite contributorsAdd to Magazine   Most recent stories in EV Charging Stations & Self-Service Kiosks The Industry Group EU passes law to blanket highways with fast EV chargers by 2025 The Verge The chargers must be placed every 60km (37mi) and allow ad-hoc payment by card or contactless device… Read More »

EV Charging Market Opportunities in SLED – June 2023

EV Charging RFPs Here are current “Active” RFPs. Includes Awarded, Forecast Pre-RFP, Post RFP and Source Selection Program Name Organization Level 2 Status Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion and Infrastructure Design and Development NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENTS Awarded SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE PURCHASE OF TWO NEW ELECTRIC VEHICLES Awarded Electric vehicle charging station systems. CALIFORNIA STATE DEPARTMENTS Awarded CHEVROLET VEHICLES:… Read More »

LG EV Charging Stations Released

HiEV Charger, an LG Affiliated Company, Has Unveiled Its New Portfolio of Convenient and Reliable Electric Vehicle Chargers SEOUL, May 25, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) is expanding its electric vehicle (EV) charger solutions business, a move expected to solidify further the company’s position in the fast-growing EV charger segment. LG held a ceremony yesterday to celebrate the… Read More »

Overview – How EV Charging Works

How EV-Charging Works What is an EV & how does it work? Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by a battery and electric motor instead of a gasoline tank and internal combustion engine. EVs (sometimes referred to as battery electric vehicles, or BEVs) have surged in popularity as manufacturers have expanded their lineup of sustainable, battery-powered vehicles. EVs are powered by electricity from… Read More »