PennDOT to distribute millions on electric vehicle charging stations

By | June 20, 2022
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Kate Merriman

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is asking for public feedback as it puts together a plan to build more infrastructure in the state for electric vehicles.

The program will allow for charging stations that would provide up to an 80% charge to a vehicle in about 30 minutes. It’s called the National Electric Vehicle Program and it was created through the bipartisan infrastructure law passed by Congress.

PennDOT officials say as part of the law, they will receive and distribute millions of dollars toward EV charging infrastructure over the next five years. PennDOT says the plan is an evolving document that can be updated annually to new initiatives and areas of focus.

“PennDOT is committed to making future-focused investments in Pennsylvania to update our highway network to accommodate more electric vehicles and hybrids,” PennDOT secretary Yassmin Gramian said.

If you want to submit your feedback on the plan, you can do that online here. The deadline for public comment is June 30.


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