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By | June 23, 2024
EV Charging Station RFP BC Hydro

RFP for BC Hydro

BC Hydro is one of the largest electric utilities in Canada. We generate and provide electricity to 95 per cent of British Columbia’s population and serve over four million people. The system includes 35 hydroelectric facilities, 300 substations and over 79,000 kilometers of transmission
and distribution lines. The electricity generated and transmitted to our customers throughout the province has consistently powered B.C.’s economy and quality of life. It is our mission to safely provide our customers with reliable, affordable, clean electricity throughout B.C.

To help support the BC Government’s geographic connectivity target and 2030 mandate, BC Hydro has been tasked with installing EV charging stations every 150km or less on specified roads across the province of British Columbia. BC Hydro will require the supply of power kiosks
for every EV charging station. These power kiosks are intended to distribute and manage electrical power from the grid to BC Hydro’s electrical vehicle charging stations to power Level 2 chargers and DC fast chargers, as well as lighting, communications, etc.

BC Hydro expects to purchase approximately 100-200 power kiosks annually. Please note that this range is an estimate and volumes can change considerably in a given year. For more information on the forecasted demand, refer to “Exhibit C.1 – Forecasted Demand”.

Through this RFP, BC Hydro intends to put in place Contracts with approximately three (3) –five (5) suppliers. The initial term of each Contract is anticipated to be five (5) years. At BC Hydro’s discretion, this may be extended for a period of up to ten (10) years, in any combination, for a total of up to fifteen (15) years. It is BC Hydro’s intent to work with suppliers capable of supplying products based on BC Hydro’s current & future requirements as specified in “Attachment A – Scope of Services”. Suppliers should also be able to provide design customizations as and when required by BC Hydro, or in the event that a standard product is not compatible with BC Hydro’s charging station needs.


RFP_20423_Power_Kiosks_for_Electric_Vehicles_Charging_Stations RFP_20423_Power_Kiosks_for_EV_Charging_Stations_Contract RFP_20423_Form_of_Proposal_-_Excel_Workbook RFP_20423_Power_Kiosks_for_EV_Charging_Stations_Form_of_Proposal RFP_20423_Schedule_3_-_Schedule_of_Prices


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