Tesla Cameras Are Coming From Samsung

By | June 20, 2022
self-driving car cameras

Tesla Cameras for Self-Driving Cars

Tesla megadeal with Samsung for self-driving cameras. From IoT World Today


The agreement with the Electro-Mechanics arm of Samsung is believed to be worth in the region of $3.2 billion to $4 billion. It was first reported by the Korea Economic Daily – an outlet that has broken the news of previous partnerships between the pair – and will make Samsung the largest supplier of camera modules to Tesla.

Although neither Samsung nor Tesla has commented on the deal, it is understood that the camera modules will be used across the entire line-up, being installed on the Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y, as well as the Cybertruck when that finally arrives and also the forthcoming Semi Class 8 truck.

In contrast to many automakers who use radar and Lidar to deliver assisted driving functionality, Tesla has relied on cameras to provide imagery for its neural networks. The current version of Autopilot features eight cameras that have a rumored resolution of around 1.2 million pixels.

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In other news — Tesla cars are banned from Chinese town over spying fear – LINK – The concerns appeared to be related to Tesla’s use of cameras all around its vehicles and where the data is going.

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